Sunday, July 3, 2011

Week 2-Learning ABCD in Web searching

To begin with my colleague Afika's words: I was ecstatic to see my grades of week. I have to admit that I felt the same. Good marks really keep you going. This is why the Week 2 got all steamed up and all of us remained productive throughout the whole week. I had my ups and downs, but I managed.
 We began our 2nd week with Web searching. After trying out various search engines I realized that this course is actually just the beginning of a long term process, what is known as Continuing Personal Development.  Before, I googled without goggles, not using any advanced options that could seriously narrow my googling. I discovered other Googles, more appropriate than the original itself. In order to find the most appropriate results I had defined my search around main criteria listed. I completely got the meaning of Deborah Healey’s quote: You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to search more effectively.
 Even though I didn't manage to explore all the options I wished to explore, I headed onto an ABCD (Audience, Behaviour, Condition, and Degree) objective. This model effectively supports better communication between teacher and students. It is proven to be very handy for both teachers and students. It simplifies who, what, how and how much should learn. The model is developed around Bloom's taxonomy and Revised Bloom's taxonomy with respect to different learning styles. You can try your ABCD's here.  Working through my ABCD’s I found out that I am using wrong verbs in my everyday lesson plans! Now I have a better perspective of how to clearly explain to my students what they are expected to do.
This week we also began with our Project by ticking the Task 1 box. At first this left me puzzled. I had to be careful when choosing the right group of students in order to lay the foundations of the Project itself! Finally, I am waiting for my mentor to confirm on my Year 6 Group. I am looking forward to my Final Project!

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