Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week 6 - Press an action button for interaction!

We're moving forward on our way to becoming true representatives of new tools in teaching!
This week’s topic we shifted from action to interaction in hope that we'll stop boring our students who are more than familiar with our gift of speech. Our task is to stimulate them to do things on their own with their own hands and brain, together, in pairs, teams and working groups. From this week on I believe that interaction is the best action! Nevertheless, when using modern gadgets we need to be careful not to overdo their use as less is  more!
After Week 6 I’ve realized that I need to improve and reinforce my knowledge on the tools I'm already using rather than shifting onto a new tool without brushing up on the familiar ones.
The saying is practice makes perfect and I agree with it! I’ve chosen this idea to be stepping-stone in implementing new tools into my teaching!


  1. Dear Karolina,

    I agree with you, interaction is important.

    As I wrote in Nice Net, we are teaching to young learners. So can we make a group of three?



  2. Dear Tomoko,

    That's a brillant idea! I've already added my name next to yours and Yea-Huey's.

    Looking forward to our cooperation!

    Kindly yours,