Monday, August 8, 2011

Week 7-Making our mission possible!

Another excellent week is behind us!
At the beginning of the week I had to choose the path. Even though my choice was on One-computer classroom, I had a chance to broaden my knowledge on Learners' autonomy. My reflection is that the accent is on the learner but the essential role of a teacher who is there to guide and shape this process of learning shouldn’t be forgotten. One computer classroom can assist us on achieving this goal.
Furthermore, the Web is the inexhaustible source of materials that can be recycled in one-computer classroom. There are plenty guidelines on how to start implementing changes in teaching using one-computer while supporting our students’ autonomy. I've ended up brainstorming on the ideas in order to adapt them for the specific needs of my students.  
The tip of this week is to keep our heads up while maintaining the positive attitude on our one-way in forming our learners' autonomy.


  1. Hi Karolina

    I really like the idea of BRAINSTORMING ideas for on-line content in order to promote student's autonomy.

    Kind regards


  2. Hello Karolina

    First I would like to comment that there are many many ideas to learn on your blog which is a source of reflective thinking.
    Now I would say, your idea that we can get maximum benefit from computers in one classroom is highly valuable. When teachers plan and practice, they can achieve their goals.

    Warm regards,