Monday, August 22, 2011

Week 9

This week we had few tasks to do but the biggest one was finishing our Project, in my case Project Plan. I felt the same as the last week in relation to bringing things to an end. While writing it many ides crossed my mind and I felt like each part of my Plan could be broadened and enriched. I believe that this course made such a strong impact on my teaching and left me with the idea of a true reflective teaching. I would interpret it as a cycle that goes around and each time it gets more balanced in its path. I wish to share this idea with my students so they can experience the true value of learning and transfer it on any other aspect of their life. I now can really understand the meaning of a saying that the learning never stops! 

Concerning this week’s readings we discussed different learning styles and became aware of various students and their preferred ways of learning. Although it may seem like a big task for us teachers to accommodate our students, we’ve came to a conclusion that one tool can cover various different styles at once, as my dear colleague Afika noticed.  We just need to be wise when choosing the right one. Students are like different colours in a colour palette while teachers need to facilitate them with their complementary pair.
All in all, week 9 is already over. I am at the same time proud of the work done and sad because everything is slowly coming to an end.


  1. Hi Karolina,

    You have the best blog! I love your descriptive language. I especially live when you describe students as different colors of the pallet.


  2. Dear Karolina

    Thank you for sharing your outstanding and so interactive week 10 blog. You have very interesting ideas on your "reflections" section which I concord with, that of "this course made such a strong impact on one's teaching. If I had your permission, I would like to add that the course contained challenging activities which really made us conscientiously reflect, therefore, the saying "Learning never sops."

    Thank you for sharing the web pages shown on your web pages to use in class section.

    I also agree with you in the sense that "problems are common to all non-English speaking countries such as flow of meaningful and authentic language..."

    Please, I would like to conclude this comment by stating that it was nice of meeting you and other participants by virtual mode; I must also thank for those comments of yours about my work; above all I am grateful for such a marvelous shared learning experience.


  3. Dear Donna and Holguer,

    Thank you for your lovely comments and all the support given! I appreciate it very much while it motivates me to improve even more!

    I believe that all of us worked well throughout this summer. Participating in this course was such a great experience that I’ll never forget!