Sunday, August 14, 2011

Week 8-Who said that curiosity killed a cat?

I don't know where to start but I have to say it’s much easier than to finish. Why? Because when you think that you’ve finished doing something another door opens and there you go walking through them! Oops!

I started my travel through magical Webland on my bike when I fell of it this week and started walking that led into running and now I am swimming in this rich sea of opportunities. This week was so rich in organizing, creating, reflecting and changing few starting points of view.

The big step was creating a rough draft of our final project. Mr. Jeff Magoto is one to be ‘blamed’ why I want to implement ANVILL in my project. Shaping around this amazing tool feels like getting an extra hand or maybe two. We all know how this feels, don’t we? Thanks to him and my ever developing nature I‘ve realized that I have 5 more days of hard work in order for my Plan to be successful. I’ve started creating my own ANVILL course. Oh, boy what a fun!

Given a great variety of links to creating tools I started exploring them. Some of them I am already using in my teaching while most of them were new to me. I tried to play with as many as I could. I like the idea of how everything is linked in the brilliant Google World concept.

Another thing that inspired me this week were all the great teachers presenting at The E-TeacherScholars’ Conference as a part of their E-TeacherProfessional Development Workshop. It was a great pleasure to be among them.

 I’m already starting to be Webskillsick though there are two more weeks to go! :(


  1. Dear Karolina,

    I like the way you presented this week's achievements :-)


  2. Dear Karolina,

    I'm with you by way of changing and using ANVILL for the course project plan. I also think that I gained fruitful information by watching E-teacher conference.