Monday, July 18, 2011

Week 4 -Down the technology hole we go!

Phew! What a week this was! I am not sure if I picked all the fruit and put them into my delicious basket! My head is still spinning when I look into the side mirror!

This week we travelled further. On our stops we had  plenty of time to do our readings on  how to use computers to enhance ways to teach reading and writing. Out of many great resources found we had to decide on the ones that we found adequate for us and our little followers. In addition, they had to be followed by the ABCD's objectives! Yes, that magical formula that makes both teachers and students happy!

Later we got to the point where we had to use technology within the given frames. How to decide on what fruit would be the greatest resource of vitamins for our students. It would have been easy if we didn't have to follow the procedure of a modern nutritionist who knows how to carefully plan the healthy menu.

Travelling through the technology hole you can never be cautious enough! You have to be able to predict all the little bits and bobs that may give you a headache. I've spent a lot of time thinking of the ones that may strike my little followers! I’ll make sure to eliminate them.

This week's journey has taught me that you have to plan your journey carefully! You need to be able to help your passengers and share your food with them. You can never stop learning about amazing places and pick up what suits you best! You also have to be able to share your experience and never stop pedalling.

Next time, when I take my students for a journey through the Webland I will make sure to prepare them well, find them the best roads to travel on and to be there for them at all times!

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  1. Dear Karolina:

    I like your blog is colorful, and I can see that you like to work with the little ones, that is wonderful, congratulations you have done a great job in giving an explanation about how you will work.

    Thanks for you blog :)